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When we are speaking about the evolution of multiplayer io games, the first game which comes to my mind is Wormax.io for sure. It was one of the first mass-multiplayer game which gave users a unique ability - to play with hundreds of people online without installing additional software. Today there are a lot of remakes of the original Wormax.io but I think that none of them is as cool as this one. The game is pretty addictive - you play as a snake who have to grow bigger and rule the world. You can grow in several ways - you can easily and safely collect the glowing orbs and become bigger or you can kill enemies to get their orbs. Fighting against enemies when you are small is very difficult that's why it is better to start with collecting. As soon as you grow bigger you can try to challenge enemies. To kill the enemy player snake you should make it hit your body. Keep in mind that you should jump in front of your enemy so that it hit with his head into your body. The most important thing is that your enemy can make a circle around you if his body is big enough and in this way, you will definitely his him and die.

Using perks is important in Wormax.io and I will tell you how to use them properly. My favorite perk is the binocular which makes the map bigger. This is a useful advantage because you can notice bigger players early and keep away from them. Another useful perk is the orbs magnet. If you get it, you will collect orbs more easily and as a result - grow faster. Among other popular perks are the toxic one that makes you toxic and if the enemy kills you and eat you, he will become weaker. This perk may come in hand to secure yourself from being attacked. Wormax.io is very popular game and now you can enjoy the full version at our website for free.

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