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Venge io is a very addictive and interesting shooting game with brilliant graphics and great gameplay. In fact it is a FPS game with steal-the-flag mode where you can have a lot of fun with your friends. The game is absolutely free and does not require any additional software to join the server and play with hundreds of players all around the world. If you have never played this game before I will tell you some information that may come in hand. The game offers you several soldier classes which carry different weapons. The weapons differ from each other not only by their look - all of them should be used in different battle ranges. The complete list of weapons is :
Scar – better mid/long-range combat
Shotgun – powerful close-range weapon
Sniper – awesome long-range weapon
Tec-9 – short range rapid-fire SMG

Each match have different number of players but the mission is the same - you should kill the enemies or complete quests like capturing territory or flags. In case of Capture-The-Flag mode, your mission is to steal the enemy flag and take it to your base. If you complete the quest - you get one point and in the end the player with more points win the match. Winning the matches is very important because you are given special cards - a super abilities that can give you advantage over your enemies. Those abilities can be used for weapons or character skills like fast reload of weapons, throwing grenades faster and so on. The complete list of cards can be found in the game. It is better to register a free account at the beginning of the game to store your progress there. Check out the game controls below and enjoy the full version of Venge io at our website.

Game Controls

Move - [W][A][S][D] or Arrow Keys
Shoot - [LMB]
Jump - [Space]
Melee Attack - [E]
Throw Grenade - [F]
Aim - [Left Shift] / [RMB]
Turn Cards - (Hold) [B]
Dance - [H]

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