Paper io 2

Paper io 2

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I think that games like Paper io is loved by everyone, no matter which gaming category you love or which game you enjoy most. In fact, it is difficult to find the correct category for Paper io 2, but I think that it is a multiplayer strategy game where players have to build their own empire and try to strike the neighbour players to destroy them. Let me explain you the basic rules of the game : As you might undestand, this is the second edition of the game but the gameplay and rules are same for all versions of the game. You control a small snake-like creature which runs all the time. If you surround a territory on the map it will be added to your kindom. You can notice that the bigger you territory becomes, the higher place you get in the leaderboard and your main mission is to become the N1 player on the whole server. The game is very addictive because you challenge real players all around the world and I am sure you agree that playing against real people is always more challenging than playing against AI.

All players in this game have different colors so you can easily notice which land is already conquered by the player. The cells with black color are neutral. You can easily conquer the territory of your neighbours too, but this may be a risk - if you enemy stikes your tail while you are moving on his territory you will die and have to start building an empire from the beginning. Paper io 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games today and you can now play it at our website too.

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