About is the most popular and most interesting online game about evolution. The tree of evolution for the players is so big that you can become anything you want. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your starting character - all of them have different tree of upgrades as well as places where they can live - for example some creatures can only live in water while others can fly and so on. Your initial character is very important because the whole tree of upgrades depends on it. There are some basic rules in which will keep you alive - you always have to eat food with green circle and keep away from players or food with red circle. Not only the players with higher level are trying to eat you - there are a lot of different hidden traps and AI players who will try to kill your character so if you play Mope for the first time, you should take some time a examine the world.

The most awesome thing about is that all of the characters have different skills. For example, some of them can dive into the water to secure themselves while others like birds can fly away or slide at high speed. The basic rule of the game is to run from strong players and eat food to grow bigger. Every time you level-up, you are given another choice which character to choose - you can stay in the same environment or choose new creature to explore new lands. is rather big game and it will take you a lot of time to get all upgrades. The most interesting thing is that you play against real players all around the world who are kept together to move on the ledder of evolution and become the N1 creature on the whole server.

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