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MooMoo is my favorite multiplayer game and I will tell you why. This have have everything that you can get from a multiplayer game - ability to build a strong base with teammates or play alone. MooMoo is in fact a strategy game which give you opportunity to spend a lot of time playing against real players all around the world. I will tell you about the basic rules of the game - you start the game as a small player which don't have resources or weapons. Your mission is to level-up as fast as you can to unlock the weapons. Keep in mind that you can choose your primay and secondary weapon when you level-up but those weapons are absolutely different. Some of them are better to gether resources but weak for attacking other players. You can try several combinations of weapons to find the one that suits your gaming strategy. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is getting resources. There are three basic resources which you can collect using weapons - food, wood and iron. And there is an additional one - gold which you can get by killing some animals and placing mines. I will tell you more about using gold below. When you have enough resources you can build a base or just go for a hunting. There are a lot of different items that you can buy - for example you can buy traps to catch the animals and other players, or build spikes and walls to keep away from enemies.

Most people think that Gold is not the primary resource in this game but it is not true. I think that gold is the most important one because it is used for ranking the players and also for buying hats. Hats are used as armor and most of them have different skills. The most powerful hats will give you ability to become invisible for other players. The hats menu is located on top right corner, you can read the description of each hat you want to buy there. MooMoo is absolutely free game which does not require any software to be played - just type your name, choose server and join the battle.

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