Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake

About Little Big Snake

Today there are a lot of different versions of multiplayer games about snakes because the original game which is called Slither had a huge success. Most of the remakes of this game just have several changes like new skins or graphics, while others have a new gameplay and significant upgrades. The game which is called Little Big Snake is rather interesting and unique game which you will definitely enjoy. Like any other multiplayer games here you start as a small player and have to do some actions to grow stronger. In this case, you can either eat small players or collect orbs to grow bigger. Little Big Snake has a very beautiful graphics and I am sure everyone who loves playing snake games will adore it. In addition to the original skins, you can find a lot of custom-made skins which will be unlocked during the game as you level-up.

I was talking about something that makes this game unique and in fact it is the ability to transform into the flying bug after death. When you are killed by the enemy, you can become a little flying bug which can also grow bigger and stronger, you can can start the game from the beginning being a snake. There are a lot of different creatures in this game, some of them are venomous, while others are good to be eaten. Keep away from big players because they can easily kill you. Enjoy the full version of Little Big Snake for free at our website.

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