Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die

Game FAQ

Is it a free game?
Indeed, Fly Or Die is absolutely free and will always remain free.
Are there any intructions in this game?
Yes, every time you level-up and become a new creature, you can find all the instructions on the top bar if you click the icon.
Are there any hacks for this game?
Even though that the market of hacks and cheats expanding all the time as far as I know there are no working cheats for the game and I would ask you not to search for them because most websites with cheats have viruses and this may cause problem to your PC.
Why this game is so popular
I guess the answer is in the number of different characters, people always love to play with different characters within one game.
How many time does it take to get the most powerful creature?
Well, that depends on your gaming style. If you love to be very careful and hide all the time, it will take you a lot of time.
Is this game available for smartphones?
Yes, you can play the game both on your PC and smartphones.
How about the new version of the game?
The new version of the game with different name wont be released because the developers always make changes to existing one. You just sometimes don't realize how many changes and bug fixes are done by the team.

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