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EvoWars is a very popular and interesting battle game about warriors who are stuck together at one arena. In fact, this game is about evolution because as you level-up, you get a new character with more powerful weapon which can kill enemies at bigger distance so you won't risk yourself getting close to enemies. At the beginning of the game you have to choose the name and hit the Enter button to start the battle. At the beginning of your way of warrior you are very weak - you start with a wooden stick and have to come too close to your enemy to kill him. You must collect the orbs to grow bigger and unlock new character. There is a small lifehack from the developers of the game - when you are at low level, you can move faster so this is the only clue to survive in the world of big warriors - you just have to run.

The more you collect the orbs, the better. You can notice a special bar which is made in shape of sword and when you make it full - you level up and get a new character. The number of characters is really big and the higher level warriors have to awesome swords that they can kill enemies at large distances. Killing enemies is not so important to level-up because you don't receive orbs when you kill someone. There is a useful function how to move faster - you can use the running mode but when you use it, you lose orbs and getting updates becomes a difficult task. You should use it only when you have to run from danger. EvoWars is very popular multiplayer game featuring players all around the world and now you can join their army at our website for free.

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