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Welcome to the website where you can play your favorite multiplayer games with your friends for free. FlyOrDie.Live is a non-commercial fan site of the popular online game called Fly Or Die where you have to turn a small fly into a giant creature by moving through all stage of evolution. We have a lot of interesting information which you will definitely enjoy. If you browse the menu above, you will find the Characters Guide with EXP numbers needed for each evolution and also Frequently Asked Questions about the game. The complete review of the game is also available below. Don't forget to browse the similar games too, you may find there something interesting.

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About Fly Or Die

Even though that the game is several years old, more and more people tend to play it every day. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the multiplayer online game which is calle Fly Or Die which is based on the basic rules of evolution. Before telling you more about the game I would like to mention that this game gives you opportunity to play with hundreds of real players all around the world without installing any additional software, all you have to do is to type our website in your browser and enjoy the wonderful game about evolution of small creatures.

So as mentioned above, Fly Or Die is a game about evolution. You start the game being a small fly and have to survive in the world of predators and enemies. The most interesting thig that makes this game so popular is variety of characters. Every time you complete your quest by eating food and drinking water, you make an evolution to become a new creature but the bigger you are, the more creatures are going to eat you. Let me explain - at the first steps of evolution you just fly around and eat small food which is not interesting for bigger players. When you grow up, you became the food for other players and there is only one thing that you can do - You can fly or die. This may seem rather silly but it is true. The game is addictive because it features a lot of players who are being on the different steps of evolution. You survive in the world of deadly insects and birds to become something bigger and stronger.

The number of upgrades is really huge and you will take a lot of time to get all of them unlocked. As you grow bigger it becomes more and more difficult to get food because your ration consists of small players who tend to fly away as soon as they see you. The winning strategy is to hide somewhere and wait for your food to come. The places with a lot of water and food is always attractive for smaller players thats why you can camp there and try to eat someone.

The most awesome thing that I love about this game is that it has a really great gameplay. Every time you upgrade into a new creature, you can get information about it by clicking the icon on the top bar to find out what food is most suitable for your creature and which enemies can eat you. You should always take a look at two more bars which are very important - Oxygen level and Water level. You might know that all creatures need exygen and water to survive. When you fly too high in the sky you may see how the bar of exygen goes down. If it reach the 0 you will die. The same rule is for water. You can just dive into the water for few seconds to get the needed ammount of water for your creature.

We have created special page where you can read more information about the characters of Fly Or Die game and also get interesting strategies how to survive and level-up fast. If you have any questions about the game or you just want to share your thoughts or achievements, simply use the comment form below. Enjoy the Fly Or Die multiplayer game for free at our website and don't forget - you fly or you die!

Game Lifehacks

How To Eat Food?

The basic rule of the game is that you need food to level-up and transform into a new creature but most of the people fail to do this correctly. The first step is to find a food which is suitable for your character and then if the place is safe enough you can fly and sit on it. You will notice that the XP points will go higher and this means that you are eating the food. Some food can be eaten instantly while other require some time. Remember that your enemies are always somewhere near so be careful when eating food.

How To Fly?

In order to fly you should click the mouse right button all the time - I mean that every time you make one click, your creature makes one move of his wings. The faster you click the mouse - the higher you will fly. Don't click too fast because in this way you can fly too high and lave leak of exygen.

How To Hide?

When you are a small creature at the first steps of evolution, bigger players may want to eat you. The best way is to hide. You can also try to fly as fast as you can from your enemy, but don't forget that he may also have wings. You can hide inside the clouds or under the ground. Just be careful because your creature needs water and hiding for a long time can cause you problems with water balance.

How To Drink Water?

Water is very important for you, you should always keep an eye to the blue bar which shows you your water balance. In order to drink some water, you can fall into the sea and stay there until the bar is full. When diving too deep in the water, keep an eye on the oxygen bar - too long time under water will kill you.

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